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Multi Level IVR Conference Call Group Chat / Click2Call

Chats and Calls for business - on web and on mobile

Create an environment where all your colleagues can meet in one place. Securely call, chat and share files in group channels or in direct conversations.


Virtual Number

Chose from 65 countries (India, USA, Canada, UK ....)

We offer international coverage of Mobile, Landline and Toll-Free virtual phone numbers. Currently, we cover 65 countries worldwide, with services being delivered over Private or Public IP, SIP account, or through direct PSTN forwarding.


Multi Level IVR

Manage your calls efficiently

Automatic call routing:
All the incoming calls on your IVR number will be automatically routed to the respective agent/department, basis your caller’s input in the IVR menu. An IVR, hence, brings faster on-call resolution to your customer queries and eliminate the need to transfer calls manually.

Customized voice message:
Your callers are greeted with a customized voice message as an attribute of your business professionalism. The voice greeting on your IVR number can be set in different language options and will be recorded by professional voice artists as per your choice.

Audio / Video Conference

Work remotely, Always with your team

Audio & Video collaboration is expanding across all industries. Give your employees and clients the ability to share multimedia content and communicate more effectively over distances and across devices.


Call Group / Call Queue

Never miss a Call, Assign calls to Group or Queue

A better Call Group / Call Queue management can lead to reduced wait times and overall better customer experience.

Chat / Share / Click2Call

All from one web portal

Securely call, chat and share files in group channels or in direct conversations. Create click2call API links and make chat and calls directly from the website


Call Recording

Your call may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes

Record your customer conversation for effective monitoring of your agents' on-call performance

CRM integration

Easy to integrate with Salesforce CRM

Maintain a caller database by recording details such as caller details, call duration, time, caller location, the conversation, etc. by integrating your IVR number with any CRM.


One account
many devices

Access your content and contacts from anywhere and on any device.
Download our app or use your browser to access all your contacts, company directory, conversations and calls in one place.

Business App

Comming Soon our Rich Communication apps for smartphones.

Enjoy the full support of all features.

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