What is a cloud PBX

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What is a cloud PBX

What is a cloud PBX

6 Oct 2019 Cloud Telephony

Cloud PBX is an IP based PBX system which hosted in internet, The basic requirement of Cloud PBX is to route the calls as per the user requirement. which automatically answers all calls and routes them to the right department or user extension. User can create multi level of IVR, call queues, call groups and conference rooms.Traditionally, PBX systems are housed on-premises which are big and need their own storage room. They also require significant capital investment, making them out of reach for smaller businesses.

Introduction of Cloud based PBX changed all that. Cloud PBX is hosted in secure, remote data centres and is delivered through the internet. It provides all the features of an on-premises PBX System without the need for expensive hardware and operational cost. The cloud PBX solution is offered as a service on flexible plans, so smaller businesses can subscribe to it instead of investing heavily on an expensive on-premises system.


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